We are a family brand which recycles forests.

They say if you want to understand a tree you must first understand its roots. It was actually the roots which gave a solid foundation to our Reforest brand. We often see them in nature: healthy with firm roots, but abandoned after deforestation or calamity. The wood of a trunk is usually used as a plank, but what about the roots? Nobody has any plans with them…they disintegrate.

It's a shame
to let it be
like that...

…we said to each other with my brother when we saw another abandoned tree root in the woods. It was a locust tree in its best years forgotten in a grove.


We have vivid memories when it comes to locust trees. As children, we used to go cycling around the village to admire their tiny white flowers. Often, we got a tire defect on the thorns of their fallen branches, but it never discouraged us to come back in the spring just as curious.


Like in our childhood, we returned back to the forgotten tree root in the grove, pulled it out, cleaned it and brought it to our workroom where my brother took good care of it. Gradually he made a beautiful coffee table and with this table, the story of our Reforest brand began.


The phrase “Let’s find another root“ has since become a small family celebration.

How does the REFOREST table grow?


Reforest is not a mass production. Millimeter by millimeter we mill and sand. The cutter, sharpener and mortiser are constantly in use.


After processing, we let the root dry for a couple of weeks, because wood needs its time to rest – like everything good in life. Then we mill and sand again. The last procedure is oiling – we use natural oil in two to three layers. It beautifully enhances the color of the wood and preserves it naturally. The transformation of the root into a table is completed by glass or a wooden board made of beech, oak, locust tree or maple.

Reforest means precision and patience. We work for weeks on each table, so it can last for decades in your home. 

Every product is a unique piece that will bring its own original story about fauna, flora, water, wind and nature to your interior.


By purchasing any of our products, you are supporting our small business and helping the environment too.


I am interested

Write to us if you want  to beautify your interior with Reforest. We can bring tables from our web gallery to your home at any time. 


 If you want a different combination of root and board, we will be happy  to create  an unusual  custom-made forest table. In our workroom several roots are resting and waiting for their moment.