Reforest is handicraft

design and sustainability in one touch

Tables that take root

Designed by nature

Reforest furniture

is a combination of tree roots, massif and epoxy resin

From the forest to the living room

The finished table will be delivered to your home,
unloaded, transported and placed where you have reserved a warm place for it.

No maintenance

Every piece from our workshop is healthy, well treated and thoroughly oiled. Let the wood in your interior work quietly. It doesn’t need special care.

Made in Slovakia

All the wood comes from Slovak forests and has been carved with emotion, patience and respect for the original handwriting of nature by our own hands.


Leveling of boards

Leveling of boards

Bring your boards to us for sanding, you will save a lot of time and nerves.



We offer high-quality, years-trained polishing to a high gloss.

Sawing trees

Sawing trees

Whether you want to cut the whole tree or just the crown

Sawing logs

Sawing logs

We do not compete with saws, we saw oversized logs up to 190 cm wide.

Wood drying

Wood drying

Upon agreement, we give you the opportunity to add your wood to our drying cycle.


Unique tables made of tree roots, solid planks and epoxy resin

Solid. Majestic. With the scent of forest. The Reforest brand brings to the market extraordinary furniture made from tree roots. Choose a kitchen or conference table that will be unique in its design, shape and name. All the roots come from Slovak forests and we have carved them with sensitivity, patience and respect. to the original handwriting of nature so that they fit naturally into your ecosystem.

If you would love a Reforest, but the root doesn’t suit your interior, we can make you an original solid wood tableand epoxy resin that will stand on the solid legs of your choice. Already have a table and would like to match the rest of the room? We will make any solid wood dreams come true upon agreement. Reforest is craftsmanship, design and sustainability in one touch.


Conference table made of one piece of trunk

(specially cut into an arc)

The one-piece trunk coffee table is a fusion of natural beauty, traditional craftsmanship and functional elegance. This unique piece of furniture is made from one whole tree trunk, giving it an authentic character and special aesthetic.

Care has been taken to preserve as much of the original shape and character of the trunk as possible when making the coffee table. This process requires skilled craftsmanship in which the excess wood is removed and the trunk is shaped into its final form.


Custom made to your requirements

These special tables are created with your individual requirements in mind to blend perfectly with your home and ensure optimum functionality and aesthetics.

Working closely with you is an important element in the production of bespoke kitchen tables. You can choose from a variety of wood species, finishes and design elements to achieve exactly the result you envision.

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    Each table is a unique piece

    Let us know if you feel like beautifying your interior with Reforest. We can bring finished tables from our web gallery to your home at any time, oiled, treated and with a birth certificate.

    If you want a different combination of root and top, we'll be happy to create an unusual custom woodland table for you. There are a number of raw roots resting in our workshop, waiting for their moment.